About Us

Flagship Fire, Inc. was incorporated on June 10, 2002. Owner operated by Michael Angstadt - President.

Our primary focus is the local, national and international construction and end user markets. Providing special hazards fire suppression, control and detection solutions for unique and high value asset areas.

Our marketing and project management programs give us the ability to provide these services for high value asset industries such as computer, telecommunications, manufacturing and industrial markets worldwide while keeping with our strict design and construction requirements that are of the highest possible standards. For all these applications we provide a "Turnkey" service to meet the accelerated project concept, which is the standard in today's marketplace.

Our experience shows that integrity and quality workmanship, along with competitive pricing, provides for long-term relationships, which is the goal we seek to establish with our customers. In our approach to a project, we consistently strive to instill the trust that we are working in the customer's best interest. We make it our responsibility to cover the so-called "gray areas" to eliminate surprises down the road on items we know from experience the customer will need to build into the project.

We represent the highest quality product offering in the fire protection industry. These products and manufacturers have in one way or another distinguished themselves by quality and product superiority above their competitors.

Safety on and off the jobsite is an important issue to us, which is why all of our office, construction and service personnel participate in an active safety program. We provide preventative maintenance, inspection, emergency service; our emergency service policy provides immediate response 24 hours a day.

Flagship Fire Services the following Counties and Metropolitan Areas...