Project Administration

Flagship Fire, Inc. utilizes a process called the Project Implementation Program (PIP), a proven administrative technique, to manage projects. This program provides the customer with a complete understanding of the construction process from initiation to completion.

Inspection & Service

Flagship Fire, Inc. not only provides new installation of Special Hazards Fire Protection Systems we service them as well. Flagship Fire provides initial checkouts, certifications and inspections, as required by local code, of our systems, anywhere in the world. Our techs are on call for emergency service and system recharges 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Emergency service is performed in a timely manner and system recharges usually occur within 24 hours.

Flagship Fire's personnel are trained in the design and operation of all products distributed. Don't rule out products not listed as some of our employees have also been trained in products not listed. Additionally, Flagship Fire's services extend past the borders of the United States to assist those customers in other countries.

Halon 1301

Most companies will try to get you to upgrade your Halon 1301 system to FM-200 or one of the new available clean agents . Flagship Fire will show you how to keep the Halon system and make responsible upgrades to your system to avoid expensive false discharges and the need to replace a system.

Clean Agent and Halon System Decommissioning

There comes a time when that ancient outdated halon system needs to be upgraded or even decommissioned, or the room a clean agent system is protecting has been scheduled to be repurposed. If this is the case, before contracting the work, note that improperly disarming a system or mishandling a cylinder can transform it into a high velocity projectile potentially causing bystanders to lose more than just an eye but possibly their lives.

Special hazard fire suppression systems should only be serviced by a Florida licensed and manufacturer trained company. The importance of decommissioning halon and clean agent systems by only trained and experienced professional cannot be undervalued. Flagship Fire's manufacturer trained technicians will safely remove the tank or entire system, if so desired.

Upon removal the gas will be shipped to a reclamation facility to be recycled and reused, and depending on the type and amount of agent reclaimed you may be eligible for a credit against the work performed.

Should you need to a quote to have a system safely removed and recycled in a responsible manner Contact Us.